Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Food


Discover our fine selection of starters.

Melon Soup / Feta / Italian Ham

Marinated Cherry Tomato /
Burrata / Strawberry & Ginger

Perfect Egg / Asparagus / Apple

Smoked Butter Fish / Citrus / Hazelnut

To Share

Nothing better than a few tapas to share with friends or your loved one,
while watching the sunset from our veranda.

Puffed Bread / Pesto / Tomato

Calamari / Pumpkin / Coconut Milk / Squid Ink

Sardines / Tomato & Capsicum Sauce / Focaccia

Green Fried Squid / Green & Spicy Mayo

Italian Charcuterie Board


Each of our dishes are a unique combination of flavours,
carefully created by our Chef to surprise you.

Carrot Risotto / Roasted Carrot / Tarragon Yoghurt

Red Snapper / Zucchini / Zucchini Flower / Ricotta / Fish Emulsion

Catch of the Day / Fennel / Orange / Orange Beurre Blanc

Octopus / Sweet Potato / Summer Salsa

Striploin Beef/ Mashed Potato / Baby Potato / Herb Salad / Beef Jus


What will be a dinner without a dessert?
Finish your dining experience with one of our beautiful and tasty dessert.

Brownie / Chocolate Mousse / Honeycomb Ice Cream

Lavender Mille-Feuille / Caramel / Honey Ice Cream

Strawberry / Non-Dairy Whipped Cream / White Chocolate Bar / Strawberry Sorbet

Basil Pannacotta / Pineapple / French Biscuit / Lime Sorbet

Signature Cocktails

    Enjoy our cocktails under our shaded veranda overlooking the ocean. 

Sakura Verde

Smirnoff vodka, Melon liqueur, Elderflower,
Lemon & Orange Jc

Bubble Splash

Captain Morgan white rum, Lychee liqueur, Bubble gum, Lemon jc, Prosecco

La Vela Sensation

Beefeater gin, Elderflower, Cucumber, Lime jc, Kemangi, TonicGinger, Lemongrass, Lime jc,
Ginger ale, Blue curacao


Glencalvie whiskey, Bitter, Blackcurrant,
Cinnamon, Cranberry jc

14 Days of Summer

Smirnoff vodka, Triple Sec, Peach, Cranberry jc, Strawberry, Orange

Epice Agave

Camino tequila, Triple sec,
Cucumber, Chili, Lime jc


Explore our delicious and gorgeous mocktail selections.

Berawa Sunset

Orange, Pineapple, Lime jc, Soda water, Grenadine

Red Silk

Strawberry, Lychee jc, Mint leaves,
Sweet & Sour, Sprite

Turquoise Gem

Ginger, Lemongrass, Lime jc,
Ginger ale, Blue curacao

Noix de Coco

Pineapple jc, Mint Leaves, Lemon,
Coconut water

Merry Berry

Cranberry, Peach, Rosemary, Lime jc, Sprite

Simply Brown

Apple, Orange, Lemon, Brown sugar, Orange, Lemon, Brown sugar, Mint leaves, Pineapple jc, Sprite


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